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Mr. Jack McCloskey
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      In 1905 the Old Soldiers Home in West Los Angeles established a fife and drum corps made up of veterans of the American Civil War. These men and women were members of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) A large veterans group formed following the Civil War. Photos and historic records of that original group can be found on our website in the "History" section.

      In 2009, although none of the current members were a part of that original group, the Los Angeles Fifes and Drums was re-organized with the intent of carrying on the rich fife and drum tradition in Southern California.

      The Los Angeles Fifes & Drums is an organization made up of professional level musicians located in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. This group is fortunate to have members that have many years of experience on their particular instruments playing this style of music. If you have an interest in this kind of music and in learning to play it, please contact us as we are preparing classes for interested students of all ages.

       LAF&D is in the process of building our own rope tensioned field drums, patterned in part after the instruments played by the American Patriots during the Revolutionary War. Periodically visit our "Drums" link to follow our progress.

       The music played is traditional to the Revolutionary War period with some of the pieces taken from manuscripts penned during the time of the American Civil War. LAF&D is aware and respectful of the rich heritage of both of those eras, and endeavors to stay true to the works chosen from those turbulent times. The musicianship of the members allows them to compose and arrange some of their own pieces which add to the varied flavor of their performances.

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